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5 Signs Its Time To Visit the Dentist

At the offices of Dr. Shirley Santos in Tustin, CA, our general dentistry services cover many patient needs and goals--everything from cleanings and exams to root canal therapy and tooth replacement with dental implants. Education is key to our care plans as well. Here's what you should know about seeing your dentist.

Five signs it's time to visit Dr. Santos

One, you're in pain. A toothache indicates you have an oral health problem. Whether your tooth constantly throbs, hurts when you bite or chew, or has a zing of pain when you drink something cold, these abnormal symptoms must be addressed. Call Dr. Santos for first aid advice and a same-day appointment at her general dentistry office in Tustin, CA. You may have a cracked or decayed tooth, dental abscess or something else. It requires treatment so your condition does not worsen.

Two, you have not had a professional cleaning and exam in a year or more. The American Dental Association--and Dr. Santos--urge every individual to come in for routine care every six months. Your hygienist will scale your teeth, removing harmful plaque and tartar. She'll X-ray your smile and check the condition of your gums and other soft tissues. Your general dentist will perform several health checks, including an assessment for dangerous oral cancer. Detected early in their development, potentially serious oral health problems can be healed.

Three, you hide your smile because you feel self-conscious. Are your teeth yellow and dull? Do you have obvious chips and gaps? You would benefit from a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Santos. Tell her about what bothers you. She can suggest a variety of ways to make your smile shine, including professional teeth whitening.

Four, your smile is crooked. A straight smile is healthier because it's easier to care for, and frankly, self-confidence soars when gaps are closed, the bite is corrected and other orthodontic problems are eliminated. For adults and teens, Dr. Santos offers Invisalign clear aligners, the quickest and most discreet way to transform dental alignment and appearance. An exam and Invisalign scan will tell you if you are a good candidate.

Five, you see some blood in the sink when you brush. This is a sign of dangerous gum disease. Call us for an in-office evaluation and cleaning. Gum disease harms your overall health and is a prominent cause of tooth loss. Stay healthy and keep your teeth by addressing your gum issues.

We want to see you

At Dr. Santos' general dentistry office in Tustin, CA, we want to see our patients regularly. We'll partner with you in keeping your smile healthy and vibrant for life. Contact us today for a cleaning and check-up: (714) 368-0222.

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