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Times to See Your Emergency Dentist

If a dental emergency happens, you need to know exactly what you should do. Handling the situation properly will prevent severe damage and even potential tooth loss. And because these emergencies can strike at any time it’s important that you know the signs that are telling you that you need to see your Tustin, CA, dentist, Dr. Shirley Santos.

A Knocked-out Tooth 

This is a pretty scary situation but one our dental team has seen rather regularly, so we know exactly what we need to do to treat it. Whether a tooth has come out due to decay or because of a sports injury, the tooth can often be saved if you come into our office for treatment as soon as possible within an hour of the incident.

Before you come into our office for care, gently rinse the tooth off and either carefully try to place it back into the socket or put it in a container of milk or water to keep it protected. You could even store it in between your gums and cheek.

A Chipped Tooth 

This is a pretty common dental emergency. It’s amazing how even crunching down on hard foods like nuts could chip a tooth. A chipped tooth is a weak tooth, which is why you need to see our Tustin, CA, dentist right away. Depending on the extent of the chip, dental bonding, veneers, or crowns can restore the tooth.

An Object Stuck Between Teeth 

It might seem rather awkward to have a piece of food lodged between your teeth, and while it might seem funny at first the pain and inflammation caused by this problem can mean a sudden trip to the dentist if you can’t get it out with floss.

Damaged Dental Restoration 

If braces, veneers, crowns, or other restorations become damaged or fall off, this also warrants a trip to our office. By not getting this issue tended to right away you risk damaging the tooth further or injuring yourself. We can easily bond a restoration back on or replace it if it’s damaged.

If you are experiencing one of the problems above then you need to call our Tustin, CA, dentist Dr. Santos at (714) 368-0222 for an immediate appointment. We are here to provide you with the emergency dentistry you need.

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