Gain a Straighter Smile with Invisalign

Invisalign treatment from your dentist in Tustin, CA, can give you an outstanding smile.

If you have crooked teeth, Invisalign orthodontic treatment can give you the straight smile you deserve. Invisalign is the easy, comfortable way to gain a straighter smile, whether you are a teenager or an adult.

Dr. Shirley Santos in Tustin, CA, offers comprehensive dental care services, including Invisalign treatment to give you an outstanding smile.

Invisalign is a revolutionary type of orthodontic treatment that uses dental appliances known as aligners, instead of conventional brackets and wires. These aligners offer some important advantages you need to know about. Invisalign aligners are:

  • Virtually invisible to other people because they are made of clear plastic
  • Very comfortable to wear because they are smooth, with no sharp areas
  • Removable which means you can still enjoy eating the foods you love
  • Healthy because you remove them to brush and floss your teeth normally

Invisalign treatment is quick too, so you can have a straighter smile in as little as 9 to 15 months. 

You receive your first aligners and wear them for 2 weeks. You progress to a new set of aligners every 2 weeks until your Invisalign treatment is complete. You will visit your dentist every few weeks to monitor your progress toward your straight smile.

Invisalign can help you gain a straighter smile if you have:

  • An overbite or underbite
  • A crossbite or open bite
  • Rotated or overlapped teeth
  • Teeth that are out of position
  • Gaps or unevenly spaced teeth

A straighter smile is more attractive, and it’s easier to keep clean and healthy. When your teeth are straight, it cuts down on tooth stress and tooth wear. You deserve to have a straighter smile and now it’s easy with Invisalign.

To learn more about Invisalign treatment in Tustin, CA, and how it can benefit your smile, call Dr. Santos at (714) 368-0222 now!

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